At Finest Sausage and Meat we have been creating fine European specialty products since 1975. Lachsschinken from Finest Sausage and Meat is a very high-end double-smoked pork product. Lachsschinken is created using the pork loin, which is a very lean portion of pork. One of the things that sets Lachsschinken apart from our other high end, double smoked products is the lean nature of this selection of pork.

When we begin preparing Lachsschinken we trim it and make it ready for the process. After trimming the loin we marinade it in lightly seasoned brine for two week. After this two week marinating process has been completed, we hang the loins and send them to the smokehouse. Once in the smokehouse the loin finishes the transformation into from pork loin into Lachsschinken. Once the process of naturally wood smoking it has been completed twice, we hang the Lachsschinken in our drying rooms for one week to make it ready for market. Lachsschinken is a very flavourful and appealing product, which is made ready to eat. Lachsschinken can be prepared and enjoyed in a large number of ways. Some people prefer it thinly sliced on its own, while others enjoy being creative with it.

A number of chefs in the area spread cream cheese on it and turn it into a small roll, while others wrap their favorite pickled vegetables in it. It doesn’t matter how you prepare it, you will find it to be a great product with a variety of uses. If you enjoy smoked meat and you want something delicious to impress your guests with, then look to Finest Sausage and Meat. We have been in the European specialty meat business since 1975. We look forward to helping you create your next gourmet meal.


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