History In 1974 two hardworking immigrants named Guenter Lotzmann and Martin Gedja had a vision of opening a meat processing plant together. With Guenters’ skill at being a butcher and Martins’ ability to sell product and drive business, the two friends felt they had a winning formula for a successful business.

Although it was difficult for the two to secure the funds to purchase the property they would need to for their business, in 1975 they received the green light from the bank to realize their dream.

Soon the pair purchased the property at 268 Trillium drive in Kitchener to build their factory and so Finest Sausage and Meat was born. The company was founded on hard work and determination, two qualities that both Martin and Guenter had a great deal of. The pair began business together with one employee and the three of them worked long days and well into the night. To create their delicious products they began using wood burning smokehouses and Martin and Guenter took turns stoking the fires so that their products would finish with the high quality and flavours that our clients have become used to.

Martin and Guenter worked hard selling their products from the various markets around Kitchener-Waterloo and even sold their products out of the back of their trucks to help fuel their business. People were happy with the products Guenter and Martin were making and soon people began responding to the high quality and great taste the two were producing. It was in these early days that Martin and Guenter fostered their dream and watch it grow roots and become the business that it is today.

Today Finest Sausage and Meat is still located at 268 Trillium Drive in Kitchener. The plant has grown and changed over the years, but the hard work and attention to details have not. Since 1975 we have grown and changed with industry needs purchasing more sophisticated machinery and hiring more employees. To this day, the two families are still intimately involved in the everyday operations of Finest Sausage and Meat. Although we have grown, our basic principals remain the same; we want to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations every time. From our family to yours since 1975.