Finest Sausage & Meat Ltd. products are gluten-free, MSG-free, lactose-free, and are crafted from only the Finest available ingredients, using traditional German recipes.

Who typically uses snack sticks as a fundraiser?
Schools, Hockey Teams, Basketball Teams, Dance Studios, Club/Class Trips, Sports Teams, Church Organizations, Youth Groups, Football Teams and anyone else who needs to do fundraising! Because Finest Sausage and Meat snacks are a low-cost/high-profit item, it’s an ideal choice for getting your organization to its goals!

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Beef Sticks

  • created using real tender beef, wood- smoked and aged to perfection
  • created using a blend of finely ground black pepper, garlic and paprika
  • mild or hot flavours available

Beef Jerky

  • created using high quality thinly sliced beef, which is lightly seasoned and then made ready for the smokehouse
  • removed from the smokehouse and taken to the drying room to be dried to perfection
  • offers similar vitamin, nutrient and mineral content as other cuts of red meat, with the added benefit of containing reduced fat
  • regular and honey-pepper flavours available


  • a pork based, smoked meat snack
  • lighter in colour than traditional beef sticks, and has a distinct rectangular shape
  • wood-smoked in pairs and dried to give it a very special flavour
  • created using a blend of fine black pepper, whole mustard seeds and a touch of garlic

Gypsy Chubs

  • created using fine ground pork
  • seasoned with white pepper and garlic
  • wood smoked and air dried
  • mild and hot flavours available