Have you ever tried headcheese? Not sure what headcheese is made of it? If you have tried headcheese then you will find that you have found an exceptional maker of this recipe, but if you have never tasted headcheese then keep reading. Finest Sausage and Meat has created an excellent recipe for headcheese bringing together fine cut lean pork and blended with splashes of garlic, onion and a bit of vinegar to help give it exceptional flavour. We then finish the recipe with gelatin.

This product is made to be used on sandwiches or even great in a salad! Headcheese can be mixed and matched with other types of deli meat, but at the end of the day, this is very much a deli meat.

Paprika Headcheese

Blood and Tongue

A beautiful loaf that is dark purple in appearance, made with cured beef tongue, chunks of pork back fat, and beef blood. Uniquely warm, sweet, and aromatic in taste. Slice thin for sandwiches or thick to pair with crackers or deli bread rounds. Also a perfect visually appealing meat to add to any meat tray.