Sliced Bacon

One of our top selling products is our Bacon. Mmm, BACON!

Our Bacon is wood smoked and ready for the frying pan. Made with only carefully selected Ontario pork bellies, which helps to give this premium product an outrageously perfect flavour.

One of our bacon’s incredible qualities is that it maintains its weight. When you cook this select product, it retains a large percentage of its original mass making it a true winner.

Canadian Back Bacon

Canadian Back Bacon from Finest Sausage and Meat is a premium product that your whole family will enjoy. Being that this type of bacon represents Canada, it is our job to make sure it tastes delicious. This is prepared by using selected pieces of pork loin, which we season and then naturally wood smoke and cook.

We sell this product sliced or by the piece.

European Smoked Bacon

European Smoked Bacon is BACK. This is a Finest specialty product. A delicious double smoked skin-on pork belly. Marinaded in a seasoned brine then smoked for an amazing flavour. You can slice it up on its own, use it on a charcuterie board or add it as an ingredient in your favourite recipe or use it to accent a nice wine.


We make Kaiserspeck from the same great ingredients as our signature bacon, but with a few minor twists. The width of the cut is narrower, but the strip itself is thicker.

The cut of this product includes some of the pork ribs which run across the very top of the Kaiserspeck.

Kaiserspeck is great on its own or served with breakfast, lunch or supper. Cold from the fridge or right out of the frying pan!