Sliced Side Bacon

Our signature sliced bacon has been our flagship product for 45 years. Demonstrating a perfect harmony between premium, specially trimmed pork bellies, and a secret combination of salts and sugars, this wood- smoked bacon browns perfectly in your pan. And, having been fully cooked in our smokehouses already, it will yield more overall mass than our competitors’ offerings, when utilized at home in the kitchen. Serve pan-fried for breakfast, or use it to wrap meats and veggies for the barbecue, this is a superior bacon with limitless applications.

Canadian Back Bacon

Our Canadian Back Bacon demonstrates a perfect harmony between premium boneless pork loins, and a secret combination of salts and sugars which browns perfectly in your pan. Natural wood-smoke is slowly layered while the loins are roasting in our smokehouses, imparting a rich golden colour on the surface of the product, as well as an aeromatic and flavourful accent. Serve pan-fried for breakfast, or use it either hot or cold in a sandwich, this offering is one of our leanest. Ready to Eat.

Euro Bacon

European Smoked Bacon

Our European Bacon is a Premium Dry Cured pork product, and a Gold Award Winner in the 2013 Ontario’s Finest Meats Competition. Derived from Hand Selected, and Specially Trimmed, skin-on Ontario Pork bellies, this product utilizes a superior cut of meat. First it cures “on the salt” for a little over 3 weeks, and then is layered in maple hardwood cold-smoke, before spending 2 weeks in our drying room until the texture and moisture levels are just right. Between the curing process, the drying process, and the absence of heat during smoking, the end result is an extremely concentrated and smoky flavour, a rich, dark colour on the lean meat, and stark white fat marbling. After drying, each belly is cut in half and vac-packed for your convenience. Enjoy sliced or cubed, by itself as a snack, as a premium appetizer component, or as an impactful bacon-flavouring-agent in your recipes at home. This is a Ready To Eat pork delicacy.


Our Kaiserspeck is very similar to our signature Bacon, except it isn’t sliced. Made with the same premium Ontario pork bellies and proprietary brine, the flavour is identical; the bellies however, are cut in half, lengthwise down the middle, and still have the ribs attached. The end result is meant to be eaten by the piece, warm or cold. Like
with our Bacon, our Kaiserspeck is Naturally Smoked, while slow-roasting in our smokehouses, which imparts a rich golden colour on the surface of the product, as well as an aromatic and flavourful accent. Unlike with our bacon, this product is roasted at a higher temperature, subsequently melting out more of the fat and moisture, resulting in an arguably leaner offering with more concentrated flavour.