Herb Liver Sausage

Discover the delightful Herb Liver Sausage – reminiscent of Finest Sausage and Meat’s renowned pate. With a history dating back to 1975 in the sausage-making industry, we’ve mastered our craft. Herb Liver Sausage blends finely ground liver with a mix of coarsely ground herbs, creating a unique taste and appearance through smoking and cooking.

This versatile Herb Liver pate serves as a tasty snack or meal complement, enhancing various recipes. It’s a cherished addition to crackers at business functions and gatherings. For over two decades, Herb Liver Sausage has graced tables and recipes, consistently exceeding expectations with its remarkable appearance and flavour, promising an exceptional experience.

Hausmacher Liver Ring

Introducing Hausmacher: an Old World-inspired, coarse-ground, Cure Free, and Ready To Eat liver sausage, designed to be effortlessly spread on your favourite snacks. Drawing from humble home kitchen ingredients, this product pays homage to tradition. Back in the day, this was a homemade treat, embraced with unique twists across diverse European cultures. We’ve elevated these timeless practices in the New World, incorporating Ontario Pork Belly trimmings, scalded livers, and an exquisite seasoning blend including salt, onion, white pepper, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, marjoram, and a hint of vanilla. The outcome? A creamy, flavourful Liverwurst that perfectly complements crackers, bread, or sandwiches.

Fine Liver Sausage

Indulge in our Fine Liver Sausage – a pate-like delight. Crafted since 1975, our legacy shines through.

A two-decade classic, Fine Liver Sausage charms palates. Amidst varied liver sausages, it stands unique. A blend of fine liver, herbs, and mastery results in a creamy delicacy. After crafting, it gains allure in the smokehouse. A versatile joy, relish it solo or as a meal highlight.

From recipes to upscale events, it elevates experiences. Fine Liver Sausage: a mark of excellence.


Kaimak is a special product that looks and tastes a whole lot like cream cheese, but with a few unique twists. Kaimak is a very light and fluffy spreadable cheese product that can be used in many different parts of the kitchen.

We have clients that use Kaimak in their scrambled eggs to give them a delicious flavour or spread on a freshly toasted bagel. Anyway you cut it, at Finest Sausage and Meat we have a recipe that our customers try only once before they are sold. At Finest Sausage and Meat we make sure that our customers always enjoy a fine food experience.

Meat Salad

We created Meat Salad to be a spread that could be used on bread and buns. This is made using a blend of mayonnaise, apples, pickles, and vinegar mixed together with a delicious portion of diced deli meats.

This spread can be used to complement a sandwich or as a topping on your favourite cracker. Many customers also use this as an ingredient in their potato and macaroni salads.

Beef Jerky

We know beef jerky. Our Beef Jerky is created using high quality thinly sliced beef, which is lightly seasoned and then made ready for the smokehouse.

Beef Jerky connoisseurs love ours because it’s not too moist and not too dry, it’s just right.

This product is a great snack for home, camping, hiking, work snacks or including in your children’s lunch. Beef Jerky offers similar vitamin, nutrient and mineral content as other cuts of red meat, with the added benefit of containing reduced fat. Part of the preparation process involves trimming away excess fat, so jerky may provide a heart-healthy way to enjoy the taste of red meat.

Beef Sticks

Beef Sticks are delicious! Created using real tender beef that you can see and taste, our beef sticks are wood smoked and aged to perfection in our drying rooms. Using a blend of finely ground black pepper, garlic and paprika, this product delivers an exceptional flavour.

Our beef sticks are created as either mild or hot flavour.

These beef sticks are best with a cold drink while watching sports, canoeing on a river, with a fine deli platter or just about any time you have hunger.

Don’t take our word for it. Come in and try one for yourself.


Have you ever tried Landjäger from Finest Sausage and Meat? Finest Sausage and Meat has created this traditional German snack with flavour and quality in mind. Landjäger is pork-based, smoke meat snack. Landjäger looks a lot like a beef stick but be sure that it is not. It is lighter in colour than your traditional beef stick and has a distinct rectangular shape. This Finest Sausage and Meat signature product is created and wood-smoked in pairs and dried to give it a very special flavour. Our Landjäger is created using a blend of fine black pepper, whole mustard seeds and a touch of garlic for that creates a perfect flavour combination.

This smoke pork product is great for camping, as a snack or school or even cut into small portions and served on a deli tray. Landjäger’s smoky flavour goes well with a cold drink while camping, while watching the game or an after school snack. At Finest Sausage and Meat we have been making Landjäger  as long as we have been in business. This is one of our signature products, which our clients continue to talk about. Find out what all the fuss is about. Come to Finest Sausage and Meat and try some delicious Landjäger for yourself.

Ham Kolbassa

There are as many different recipes for Kolbassa just like there are many different names. At Finest Sausage and Meat we have created a recipe for Kolbassa that our customers truly enjoy. Our Ham Kolbassa is made using a blend of fine ground pork and a mixture of herbs and spices. One of the things that makes our Ham Kolbassa different from our polish sausage are the large chunks of ham we add to the recipe.

This makes our Ham Kolbassa a little bit more hardy. This product is fully cooked and ready for eating. Whether you are hosting a function or serving it as an appetizer for the big game this product looks good on a cracker or on its own. This meat will also be a hit with your children’s lunches. At Finest Sausage and Meat we know that the quality and taste of our Ham Kolbassa will be a hit at your next event.

Double Smoked Kolbassa

Discover the excellence of Double Smoked Kolbassa, another exceptional creation from Finest Sausage and Meat. We decided to embark on a new adventure with our Ham Kolbassa recipe, opting for a double smoking process and transforming it into a single-serving delight.

This product is ready to be enjoyed. Crafted using ground pork infused with generous ham chunks and a medley of herbs and spices, our Double Smoked Ham Kolbassa shines whether enjoyed on its own or paired with crackers. At Finest Sausage and Meat, we are continuously on the lookout for innovative ways to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Hungarian Sausage

Finest Sausage and Meat proudly offers a trio of Hungarian Sausages to satisfy diverse preferences. Our range includes a mild variant brimming with flavours but no heat, a medium option that’s universally enjoyable, and a subtly spicy version that strikes the perfect balance. Each sausage is meticulously wood-smoked and seasoned with a delightful blend of white pepper and garlic, ensuring a unique and beloved taste.

Versatile in its applications, our Hungarian Sausage shines as an appetizer at casual gatherings and upscale events alike. Its remarkable flavour has led it to replace chorizo in recipes, while its exceptional durability in broths and stews adds to its appeal. Discover the excellence of Finest Sausage and Meat’s Hungarian Sausage – a testament to quality and taste that stands out in every bite.

Polish Sausage

At Finest Sausage and Meat we have a great recipe for Polish Sausage. Our Polish Sausage is created using a blend of fine ground pork and a mixture of herbs and spices. This product is fully cooked and ready for eating. Whether you are hosting a function or serving it as an appetizer for the big game its mild flavour makes it a hit with everyone.

We know this meaty treat is sure to be a hit. Give it a try and you will know why so many people enjoy our polish sausage. At Finest Sausage and Meat we take your needs seriously.

Goose Liver Sausage (Christmas Season)

Goose Liver Sausage is a very high-end, spreadable product, similar in appearance to pate. Our Goose Liver Sausage is considered the most high-end liver sausage products that we make.

Goose Liver Sausage is made using a blend of finely ground goose and liver and a mixture of finely ground herbs. Once the ingredients have been blended together, the Goose Liver Sausage is ready for the smokehouse. To give Goose Liver Sausage its look and taste we not only smoke it but we cook it as well.

Eat it on crackers, or spread it on a sandwich.