Blood Ring

Blood Pudding (Blood Ring)

Blood Pudding (Blood Ring or Blutwurst), is a famous German Blood Sausage with many regional variations. Ours is an aromatic delicacy, spiced with white pepper, onion, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, marjoram, and a layer of natural hardwood smoke. It features a perfectly homogenized, dark colour, owing to the Beef Blood, and Pork Liver utilized in the recipe. High in iron, this is also one of the most Natural recipes in our product listing, with No Nitrites, Phosphates, Gelling Agents, or any other additives, outside of the rice and soy protein utilized to help the liquids in the sausage bind. This product is perfect for searing in the pan for breakfast, either by itself, or with eggs. Additionally, when the casing is removed, and the sausage meat heated, it will crumble into your favourite dishes at home, as a highly-flavourful, aromatic, and nutrient rich ingredient. Freezes well.

Hausmacher Liver Ring

Hausmacher Liver Ring

Hausmacher is an Old World, coarse ground, Cure Free, and Ready To Eat spreadable Liver sausage, utilizing ingredients available in the home kitchen. Traditionally, this was a homemade product, with slightly different variants in many different European cultures, but they all utilized low-cost leftover trimmings and offal. Ours is a New World upgrade on those Old Ways, and utilizes fatty Ontario Pork Belly trimmings, as well as scalded livers, and a wonderful seasoning combination of salt, onion, white pepper, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, marjoram, and a touch of vanilla. The end result is a creamy, flavourful, and spreadable Liverwurst that’s perfect on crackers, bread, or sandwiches.

Liver Sausage

Liver Rings

Our Liver Ring is made using a blend of finely ground liver, pork and rice. Not to be confused with hausmacher, Liver Ring is first cooked and then smoked to give it its taste and appearance. This product is processed in a natural casing and each portion is shaped in the form of a ring. Liver Ring is intended to be cooked before being eaten. At Finest Sausage and Meat we have a lot of clients and from time to time they share their meal plans with us. Some of our customers tell us that they fry our liver ring and eat it as it, but we have other customers that add it to their favourite recipes. Fry this product up and add it to mashed potatoes, home fries or even sauerkraut. This product has many uses and can add a special flavour to many different meals.