Beef Salami

Beef Salami

Our salami, including our All Beef Salami, is an absolute must-have for your charcuterie boards and sandwiches! This salami embodies a natural smoke flavour and is nitrite and gluten free!

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Fine(Mild) & Hot Gypsy Salami

Back in the 1980s, we created a great product known as Gypsy Salami. Gypsy Salami is a smaller version of our deli salami, with a smaller diameter. When we created this salami, it was with the intention of creating a product that could be portion controlled by the purchaser for charcuterie boards and snacks.

Currently, we have three flavours: Fine Gypsy Salami, Coarse Gypsy Salami and Hot Gypsy Salami.

Mustard Seed Salami

Mustard Salami

Mustard Seed Salami from Finest Sausage and Meat is deli meat that you are going to love.

Mustard and meat are the perfect combinations. This salami is created using a blend of finely ground pork and beef. We add to this a mixture of spices and then finish the recipe with whole mustard seeds. Adding the whole mustard seeds at the end of the mixing process makes it so that the whole mustard seeds remain whole. This is a wonderful looking and tasting mild salami that shows off its whole mustard seeds in such a way that it will make you want to give it a try. Perfect for deli trays or on a sandwich!

Hot Paprika Salami

Hot Paprika Salami

Our Hot Paprika Salami is one of our few spicy salami products. We create our Hot Paprika Salami in a very similar manner to our Paprika Salami however we made this salami spicy. Created using medium fine-ground pork and we add a mixture of white pepper, fresh garlic, paprika, and a splash of hot cayenne.

Schlackwurst (German Salami)


Schlackwurst is a German dry fermented sausage. The sausage is finely ground and is classified as sliceable raw sausage. This requires a firm texture which is obtained by using hard fat and sufficient drying time. The sausage derives its name from the name of the casings it was traditionally filled in; the end part of the intestine was called the “slag gut”, also known as Schlackdarm. The Schlackwurst is especially popular in the eastern part of Germany.

Kulen Natural

Kulen Salami

Our Kulen Salami is a very attractive and very flavourful product that will taste great on any sandwich. Made with a combination of coarsely ground beef and pork, Kulen Salami is seasoned with a blend of garlic, paprika cayenne, and finely ground black pepper. This salami stands out in a crowd due to its coarse ground appearance and its great flavour.

If you are looking for salami with lots of flavour and a bit of heat, then look to some Hot Kulen Salami from Finest Sausage and Meat to hit the spot.

Kulen Salami Hot

Hot Kulen Salami

Looking for Salami with a kick? Our Hot Kulen  Salami is supremely strong in flavour, intensely rich and deeply concentrated lean pork. A premium crafted classic that delivers sensational taste – the ultimate, hot salami.

Italian Salami Can you zoom in a little bit

Italian Salami

Our Italian Salami is a flavourful variety of salami that uses whole peppercorns as its focal point. We have created this fine ground salami to stand out both visually and flavourful. Our Italian Salami uses a blend of finely ground pork, black pepper, and garlic. But what makes this product stand out is that we use whole black peppercorns to give it a look and flavour that cannot be beaten.

Our Italian Salami is equally useful at home on a sandwich, on a deli tray or even at a wine tasting. This product pairs up well with many different types of wine due to its peppery blend of flavours.

Hungarian Salami

Hungarian Salami

Our Hungarian Salami is one of our most popular meats and it truly is a crowd-pleaser. This mild salami is created using fine ground pork and a blend of white pepper and garlic and can be found on deli trays, sandwich meat, pizza toppings, and more.

Farmers Salami

Farmers Salami

We have been making Farmers Salami almost as long as we have been in business. This salami is made with a blend of fine ground pork and beef accented by cracked black pepper which gives this salami a unique look and flavour.

This product is naturally wood-smoked and then we finish the process in the drying room. When you get our Farmers Salami home, it is ready for use. This salami is delicious at home on a sandwich or on a fine deli tray.

At Finest Sausage and Meat we know that your meals matter and we want to do our part in making your meals enjoyable.