We have been making our German-style recipes to the highest standards for over 30 years and our Bockwurst is no exception. Knackwurst is essentially a thicker and longer version of our short wieners. When you cook our knackwurst you will find that it plumps up during the cooking process and it is very tender and juicy when eaten. We take great pride in producing nutritious and flavourful products and our Bockwurst is no exception.

At Finest Sausage and Meat we continue to push our butchers to create new products for our customers. After years of producing long and short wieners, we have started to produce cheese wieners. Our cheese wieners have the same great taste as our short and long wieners but with the added twist of cheese. We have infused our wieners with cheddar cheese, which gives our wieners a winning flavour. They can be cooked using any method and are sure to impress. They are great for campfires, corporate events or at home for your family. Our wieners are created with quality products and taste great.


Our long wieners (knackwurst) have a great proven track record. We have created a wiener that will allow you to eat more than just bun. Our long wieners measure in at 10 inches and are sure to have your hotdog bun covered. Our long wiener is created with quality and has the c to keep you coming back for more. Our long wiener is a winning choice no matter where you choose to cook it.